written by Payal Thaker

So I bought my Clarisonic MIA 2 last year, because of all the hype and praise I heard about it. I wasn’t really expecting much from this device…but I was so wrong. This brush has literally changed my life! I’m not just saying that for the sake of my blog, I mean it, and I’m sure everyone out there who owns this remarkable device will tell you the same…Now what is it, and what does it do? How do you use it? Where do you get it?


To begin with, it’s a sonic cleansing brush, hence the name “Clarisonic” :)…It’s lightweight, and comes with its own travel cover and sample cleanser. It claims to cleanse your face six times better than hands alone. Exfoliate, scrub, and cleanse with this simple device everyday, and in a week’s time you will notice a visible change in your skin.

Clarisonic2bIt’s pretty simple to use: First remove your eye makeup by hand, and then pump your favorite cleanser onto the damp brush. Put the brush head flat on your skin, pressing gently, and use small circular motions. The timer is already set for 2 mins, so in that amount of time you run it over your entire face, except the eye area. After you are finished using it, rinse it and just let it air dry…It’s insane how good it cleanses; removing makeup, dirt, pollution, everything…You can use it everyday, it’s very skin-friendly. It’s also completely waterproof, so you can also use it in the shower. Once a week you should clean it more thoroughly; by removing the brush head, and cleaning both the handle and brush head with warm soapy water. On the website they recommend you change the brush head every 3 months. But I take very good care of it, and I make sure to use it properly, so I don’t feel a need to change it that often.

So, here’s a different way I can explain Clarisonic’s worth…Imagine if you had to wash your dirty dishes by hand, with your very expensive dish soap, but without using any scrubber… It wouldn’t be as clean and odour free as it would have been if you had used a scrubber, right? The same concept applies with this device…We have an average of 20,000 pores on our face, and when we get exposed to sun, pollution, dust, creams, makeup, and whatever else you can think of…it all settles down in your pores and doesn’t come off easily just by washing your face with any expensive product. If you don’t believe me you can try it at home: Apply makeup and then wash it off with your face wash. Now take a cotton ball, put some toner or cream on it, run it on your face and you’ll see the makeup residue. That’s how much dirt you leave on your skin when you sleep at night. It’s sad but it’s true  🙁 Before I had a Clarisonic, I kept on wondering why none of my skincare routine worked. Now I don’t even want to remember that I slept with all this makeup and dirt residue on my face…LOL

So now let me tell you what noticeable changes I have seen in my face; My skin is visibly softer, redness has been reduced; I used to get small acne bumps all over my face, but now they’re all gone. I still breakout, but scarring is not there, and the best part is that my skin is so deeply cleaned that I can actually see my night creams working out pretty good 🙂

There are two versions of the Clarisonic MIA: 1 and 2.  Both come with a charger. Not everyone has the same skin-type, and fortunately Clarisonic offers different kinds of brush heads; normal, sensitive, acne, deep pore, and a couple more. I put a link below so you can see everything. I have a blue color MIA 2, with a sensitive brush head.

The cost? It’s pricey, between 9000 to 15500 INR, depending on where you get it. But it’s so worth it. And you don’t have to feel too guilty, because if you’re going to a good spa for cleanup/facials at least 6 times a year, you will end up spending the same amount of money anyways. The Clarisonic will give you a deep cleansing at home everyday, and you won’t need to go to that spa.

The bad news is you can’t get it in India. And if you do find it somewhere in India, be very suspicious, because there are fake ones out there. But if you have any friends or family living in another country, like US, then you can always ask them to send it to you. Or if you travel yourself, it’s definitely splurge-worthy…

The Clarisonic is available worldwide at Sephora.


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  1. manisha sobti

    I found it interesting.. I have sensitive, combinational skin.. I really don’t understand which products would suit my skin type.. So before buying it i would request you to do a video how u use it. It would be really helpful to me.

    • YourBeautyPal

      Hi Manisha, if you can get your hands on Clarisonic it will definitely be great for your skin. It works wonderfully, and is highly recommended for sensitive skin. It will be difficult for me to do a video on how to use it but it’s really easy and comes with a detailed instructions and you will get use it quickly. You can always send me a mail if you need any more help. X

  2. jumana

    I really loved the product review and really want to try this out as I have really dry and sensitive skin but one thing that I really would like to ask you is how will I come to know as which Clairsonic device is original and which is fake if I get it in India as there should be some kind of difference between those two and the last thing that I would like to ask you is that which cleanser do u use in this pics.