PRODUCT REVIEW: SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

written by Payal Thaker

I love body scrubs, and frankly who doesn’t?? The smell, the packaging, the beautiful ingredients; all are surely hard to resist. And aah! Let’s not forget the after results.. Woah! It leaves your skin so smooth and beautiful; makes you feel so nice and clean.

Last time on my blog, I reviewed the SkinYoga Almond Orange Face Scrub ( click here to read ), and ever since then I’ve literally been using that once a week without fail! I have fallen in love with SkinYoga products! These girls are making such magical mesmerizing skincare products that will surely make you obsessed with them! Personally I’m so proud of them for creating such a high quality organic skincare line from India; and making it reach us and different countries. 🙂

Last month they sent me some of their new products to try and test, so I could do an honest review for my readers; and so here it is!
SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub: It smells like coffee obviously, but so good that you simply want to close your eyes and keep enjoying the smell; probably will want to have some coffee as soon as you finish your bath, it smells so yum!



It has 3 ingredients:

1. Ground Coffee Beans
2. Pure Coconut Oil
3. Pure Sesame Oil

SkinYoga claims that “the caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also treats inflammation and protects your skin from sun damage”.

My Thoughts: It is said that when caffeine is massaged into the skin it stimulates blood-flow and circulation. Plus, massaging in any way will break down the fat deposits that cause cellulite. Coffee is also full of antioxidants which fights aging and tissue damage. The pure coconut oil is an excellent way to protect your skin from sunburn and to keep it healthy, whereas sesame oil will make your skin smoother and softer.

Their Directions: Take a little handful of the coffee scrub and massage it gently all over your wet body for 5-7 mins, then follow with your routine shower.

My Experience: It comes in a nice fresh sealed packet packaging of 200 grams. I use it every other day in the shower. I take out 1 handful of a scrub in a bowl, and then work with it all over my body in circular motions. It feels very good while you massage yourself with it.and did I mention it smells amazing! 🙂 It leaves you all moisturized and feels a little oily after the shower, which I really love. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean. I don’t use any soap or shower gel to take the scrub off; just use running water to clean myself.
Final Words: Cellulite sucks! No one wants those uneven skin bumps on their body. Studies say that at least 80% of women have cellulite, and the worst part is it won’t just disappear with exercise. So, it’s recommended that all women massage/scrub their body every alternate day, to get rid of cellulite and fat deposits in their body.

Price: 850 INR for 200 grams

Check out this scrub here: SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub

All Skinyoga products are available online at www.skinyoga.in

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  1. Anuja Shah

    Tempting it is. I love coffee 🙂

  2. akriti mehta

    Hi where could i find skin yoga products?

  3. tanisha banthia

    Hi,m 15 yer old..can i olso use dz prducts..itz gud fr me..n i wnt 1 more sugtsn frm u tht i hve rough hair so vt shuld i do nw??coz of my rough hair i hve 2 cut..n i wnt long n pretty hairs so can u hlp me 2 slve dz prob??

  4. Yellowtough

    Hi, i check the skin yoga website.the price is 1700+.is it for 2 packs or one box?Where did you buy it for 850 rupee?

    • YourBeautyPal

      I was been sent the product by the company for the reviewing purpose. 🙂

  5. Niharika

    Hi. Can we not make a coffee scrub at home? If yes, then how?

  6. Sherebanu

    Okay. It was a pretty good review. I have already ordered one. But just to make everything clear, this Scrub is pretty granular and coarse,but you’re still using it on your face. As in the picture. Won’t it be too harsh. Like I already asked this to two another bloggers and they denied to use this Scrub on face as it is too harsh on face. But did It work well for you? Please reply. XO