by Payal Thaker

Dramatic Winged Eyeliner!


Winged Eyes

( click on the picture to see a larger version )


1. With the help of a thin eyeliner brush and a black gel eyeliner/kajal pencil create the tail of your liner

2. Now with the same brush draw a line from the inner corner of your eye joining the outer corner where the wing starts

3. Join the top loose end of the wing to the outer corner of your eye by making a small box kind of a shape

4. Fill that small box with the liner carefully and work over it for more intensity and neatness. Also work over the eyeliner for more finished look

5. Your winged eyeliner is done!

6. Optional: Use the same eyeliner brush with the leftover black eyeliner on it into your Lower lash line to finish this dramatic winged eyeliner look. ( To add more to this look, you can apply mascara and false eyelashes )


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  1. sharvari ghodke

    i loved this !! will try 😀

  2. Juhi

    Before reading this i always thought that winged eyeliner is a tough job :p but you made it easier.. Ty. Much Love xx

  3. Diksha

    Ur post was so good… but i wanna know that my hair is little brownish nd curly…. so which colour shoots my hair… which also give great shining to my hair