PRODUCT REVIEW: Bharat Dorris Eyeshadow Palette

written by Payal Thaker


Bharat and Dorris Godambe are a very well-known celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist from India; they’ve been working in the Bollywood film industry for the past 25 years. Internationally, there are many well-known makeup artists who have started their own makeup line; but in the Indian market, B&D are the first beauty artists to come up with their own line of cosmetics.

My sister lives in Udaipur, and luckily someone has a franchise of B&D Cosmetics there; that’s how got my hands on these lovelies. The main B&D Cosmetic stores are located in Mumbai and Pune, and there aren’t too many franchises elsewhere, so that’s one drawback about this line; as they are not widely available all over India. But you can still try ordering from their website: 🙂


What I Think About These Eyeshadows:

I really like the variety of colors they have; from bright shades to neutrals, and matte to shimmer. They don’t shed when you apply on your eyes, and you can also use these shades wet and dry. Using them wet gives a very glossy and pro finish, which I really loved; good intensity and high pigments, so basically the color you see on the palette will be the same after applying onto your eyes. The best part of Bharat and Dorris Cosmetics is that their price ranges are very reasonable and affordable, so it makes it easier for everyone.


The only thing I dislike about these eyeshadows is that you have to use a good amount of primer on your eye area first, to make them stay for a longer period of time; as it starts fading and creasing in a couple hours. If you have oily skin, then definitely apply concealer or primer before you put these shadows on. For dry skin, I’m guessing it should not be a problem 🙂 But if you have dry skin and try these eyeshadows, let us all know how it works for you!


Their matte lip gloss which I also bought is very interesting; it’s in a glossy form, but dries up to a matte finish. It’s also highly pigmented, and stays for a very long time on your lips; I tried removing it after a few hours and had to use some wet wipes 😀 You can see a picture of me wearing this lip gloss in my previous post about Lakme: Click here to see

Price: Individual eyeshadows are 250 INR each. If you take the set of 5, it costs 1500 INR. But that also comes with a small brush and a reusable palette ( which can be refilled again just like the Inglot Freedom Palette System ) 😀

Final Words: B&D also has other makeup and beauty products which look really promising. Overall, the brand is really worth trying and I’m definitely interested in getting more their products.

You can check all Bharat Dorris products online at

Have you tried Bharat and Dorris??
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  1. Sara@Colormeloud

    I have never heard about this brand, but the colors look amazing! I would love to try. I will definitely check out if they ship here. By the way love your eye shots, very professional, and love your eyes and brows, so pretty :-*

    • YourBeautyPal

      Hey Sara! Thank you so much! Let me know if you find out about their international shipping. X

  2. sindhu

    Omg! Awesome EOTD! you are like a pro! please do a tutorial for this 🙂

  3. shruti

    O😍m😘g😱 Awesome soo pretty eyes

  4. Akshita Karekar

    Hi, I’m a makeup artist from Mumbai. Yes I have tried B&D’s products, such as gel liner, glitter eye shadows, eye base, blush no. 04, 07 & Kajal pencil. I love their products and its good for all those artist who have started their business recently or also for personal use its worth. & prices are very resonable I’m yet to try their foundations.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow it jast wonderful

  6. Sankashti patil

    Wow it so so beautiful.nice I palette.