VIDEO: Easy Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

by Payal Thaker



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  1. Sky

    Wow u always look beautiful
    Nice make up
    Payal please can you tell me at what age should we start using anti ageing products
    I am 22
    My face skin is loose and i can see lines on my forhead

    • YourBeautyPal

      Hi Sky, Thank you so much for the compliments darling! I think you lack moisture in your skin. All you need is to hydrate your skin as much as you can. Try using any deep hydrating moisturizer or serum and also start taking Biotin Supplements everyday. I would recommend use the Olay Regenerist day and night cream/serum. You can start using anti aging as soon as you feel the need for it. there isn’t any specific time to start using anti aging products.

  2. Aish

    Hy m fatty … n i hv large no. of strtch marks on skin…specialy on my hnds … chest… shoulders … tummy… back… legs…almost everywhere…plz hlp me with it… i hv trieda lmst evry product…evn the very pricy ones..due to which i cant wear slevles sandos or nickers…so plz help me …

    • YourBeautyPal

      Aw babe don’t call yourself fatty!:(
      SO let me tell you something- with stretch marks you’ll need a lot patience. it won’t completely disappear no matter what treatment or things you do. But it will definitely lighten up if you use certain things like apply pure Aloe Vera gel 5 times a day for a month and use cocoa butter moisturizer like the one Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, I promise you will notice a big difference if you regularly apply it and also wear sunscreen without fail and drink a lot of water. Dry body brushing also helps, I’ve heard so many people talk about it.

  3. Sky

    Thank you

  4. Anushree saha

    Hi payal !! How r u am anushree actually i have combination skin bt my skin is ok i dont have any problem for using any makeup bt sometimes pimples used to popup on my skin it feels so irritating even my cheeks are dry

    • YourBeautyPal

      Hi Anushree, Small pimples every now and then is not bad and so I wouldn’t recommend any heavy duty stuff for your skin. All you need is you follow a good skin care routine and scrub your face in shower every other day and don’t ever wash your face with warm water. Just use cold running water to wash your face. Apply a good night time moisturizer to prevent from extra dryness.

  5. Sky

    Payal please can u tell us
    Which lip color u were wearing in this video

    • YourBeautyPal

      It’s the Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Coverage Lip Liner

  6. Neha

    Hi Payal can u plz tell us the best brand for kajal & eye linear(pencil one) in india

    • YourBeautyPal

      Hi Neha I really like the L’Orรฉal Paris eyeliners and kajals from the ones you get in India.

  7. neha

    my skin is really very dry I want it to be smooth n my lips r also little dark wat should I do ?? ๐Ÿ™

    • YourBeautyPal

      You must scrub your face, neck and lips every other day and moisturize it well.

  8. twinkle

    hi payal….actually i have small eyes can you tell me in what way I should use above eye…eye liner ๐Ÿ™‚

    • YourBeautyPal

      Just keep it really close to your lashline in your inner corners and keep it thicker on the outside by dragging it a little bit longer. This way it will make your eyes look bigger.

  9. Sky

    Hi payal
    U recommend me to use olay regenerist cream for my loose and wrinkle face
    I went to buy but It was in many range, so i didn’t.
    Is that olay regenerist microsculptring cream?
    Please tell me
    Will be sooo thankful to you

    • YourBeautyPal

      Yes, the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting is the one I recommended

  10. Sky

    My age is 22

  11. Sky

    Thanks payal dear
    Thank u soo much
    God bless u

  12. Neha

    Thanks Payal ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. senti

    I really want to use sunscreen but the cream itself doesn’t match me at all.instead it darken my skin and also a have a big eyes so how can I make it small??I need some idea.thank you.

    • YourBeautyPal

      use matte finish sunscreen like Neutrogena ultra sheer or lotus one. Apply translucent powder for matte look and to make your eyes look smaller conceal it properly with concealer first and then use your kajal or eyeliners.

  14. mouma naskar

    hi payal,
    i have pcos..so i had a big hair problem..in the front portion of my head r allmost bland..i ussed lots of products take medicins bt nothing is working..what i do?? plzz give me some feed back.thnks.

  15. preeti

    i have many pimples in my face what should i do for that give me some tips..

  16. jaya

    Hi Payal, This is Jaya from Frankfinn. Nice to see you here. was more glad because even i am a make up freak. God Going girl. Hope to receive a reply .jaya

  17. jaya

    Hi Payal, This is Jaya from Frankfinn. Nice to see you here. even i am a make up freak. God Going girl. Hope to receive a reply .jaya

    • YourBeautyPal

      Thanks Jaya, glad you like my blog. thanks for writing in. x

  18. Dona

    hey,Payal. My hair is gettng a bit dull and i am having hairfall. what should i do to stop it?

    p.s. You videos are nice,quite effective ๐Ÿ™‚

    • YourBeautyPal

      Take Biotin supplements once a day. 500 mg

  19. Muskan

    hey! You are so beautiful.
    can you help me bcoz i get acnes on my face alot i have used products but it doesnt go with my skin can tell me some home remedy tips to reduce those acnes?

    • YourBeautyPal

      JUst don’t try too many things and make sure you always maintain your skin care routine and apply moisturizer and sunscreen without fail. Also, scrubbing your face gently twice a week will be very beneficial.

  20. poonam

    Hi!I saw some of ur videos… Thy are amazing… Jst hv some queries n wuld love to tke ur advice… Had pimples on my face bt now its gone but d prob is tat dark spots are stil visible… What shuld I do gt a spot free face??? Plz help..

    • YourBeautyPal

      Apply some virgin olive oil on your face before you go to bed. Massage your face with is for few seconds. It will give you a glowy and dewy skin.

  21. stillexperimenting

    Hi I really like the way you do your make up videos. The voiceover just makes it so much faster and really easy to understand.this is one of the best makeup videos out there and the fact that you’re Indian too is just a bonus! I saw somewhere that you were an airhostess so I guess all those safety first gestures must have been handy…