VIDEO: Skin Care – My Journey To Clear Skin

by Payal Thaker



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  1. Shivya

    Hey pagal, your posts are amazing and seems genuine to be honest
    Iโ€™ll be 17 next month, I have this problem that really really bothers me , people tease me a lot , like a lot haha.
    Itโ€™s that I have really dark and brown upper lip however my lower lip is fine, reddish pink.
    Iโ€™ve tried all, gulab jal and bla bla
    Anything else , you can help me with?
    Please do think about it.

    • genel

      You typed hey pagal instead of hey pagal

      • Aditi Chandila

        You did the same xD

  2. Lakshita

    Heyy payal!
    I too am suffering from great bouts of never ending acne n cysts, n now its become soo bad, that my skin looks pitted full of deep scars, tried all possible treatments, but utter vain!
    Have a wedding lined up next month, can u pls help me out with methods to get rid of scars n those ugly pits gradually??
    Pls Help.

    • YourBeautyPal

      For your condition I would highly recommend you visit a good dermatologist in your town.

    • Akshita

      For acne prob – try KAYA SKIN CLINIC products through online .. It’s works out & gives excellent results ๐Ÿ™‚ DO TRY

    • genel

      Hey dear .. I can understand ur condition … Take cod liver capsules … One capsules after lunch and another after dunner this WL enhance your skin naturally .. Internally .. U ll notice that yours gt lighten day by day … Coming to external medicine apply faceclin gel on newly approached acne this WL turn the red acne to turn white in CLR leaving no scar … If u already HV a scar then use Melalong ointment or melalong plus .. U can take any one of dem .. As u can afford .. Make sure that u apply melalong very slightly just use the pointed tips of ur finger .. Bcoz if u apply large amount then the scar may lead to hyperpigmntation turning the scar to be deep red … If incase if it turn red do apply boroline on it .. It ll help to return back to its own state … Use melalong and boroline on Radom days to get the best result


  3. Isha

    Hey,payal ur video is too gud nd till vl surely help bt if u can suggest sumthng fr whiteheads also

    • YourBeautyPal

      try the egg white mask and steam once a week. It will definitely help.

  4. Anonymous


  5. sulha khan

    Hey payal nice video. I want to ask you something. I have a lot of pimples and it’s scar on my face. Went to dermatologist even but in vain. Can you please help me out

  6. Veena

    Hey!this video is just too good .
    my hands r completely tanned can u plz help me out with it !!

    • YourBeautyPal

      You can use any body scrub while you are in shower and wear 55+ spf before stepping out in sun. Try and avoid sun exposure if you can.

  7. Khan Bazme

    Hi payal! I have so many open pores on my cheeks and acne scars can you plzz help me with it!

    • YourBeautyPal

      apply ice cube once a day and egg whites three times a week.

  8. Radha

    Hey dear
    Such a awesome video
    Thnku Soo much for sharing ur views
    Just love u ?

    • YourBeautyPal

      glad you liked it! thanks to you girly

  9. Nishrin

    Hey Payal,there’s loads n loads of those bloggers out there and thousands of links to clear n bful skin like its all magic but then there’s very few who r so earnest and genuine about wat helps achieving better skin let alone doing a 15min long video to explain the nitty gritties of it. You r not just bful skin n body but a bful person too to come out so openly about how one should deal with bad skin and the although it’s hard work but such classic ways to make understand your followers the importance of old school routines to good skin. Thanks a ton for this video. I swear by God I’ve seen thousands of videos to deal with bad skin and forgotten about it the next minute but this one is going to stay with the me.. Loads of love coming your way. :* :*

    • YourBeautyPal

      I love you so much! you literally made my day!xx

  10. bindu

    Hi Payal,
    Nice post! Agree on everything you said.
    Just wanted to add something, My acne cleared when I stopped using all products including cleanser for one week.
    We often don’t realise that we are putting our skin to too much stress to deal with different products.
    For those of who have tried everything, try no product on skin for a week and sleep well. After skin is cleared start adding one product per week. Hope it might help someone.
    Bindu Amrutham,
    Founder, Suganda

    • YourBeautyPal

      your skin still need some kind of maintenance while your undergoing some major acne or any kind of skin issues.

  11. Dimple

    Hey payal I really liked your video…I also have the same acne problem….I am 28 now…does that mean its too late to start any skin care routine. Because of acnes I am going through pigmentation problem as well. I drink enough water, drink smoothie four times a week,eat fruits,no caffeine or dairy…..still a new acne everyday (that red one). I generally use home made products for scrubbing,face mask,moisturizing and cleansing. I use lotus sunscreen SPF 70. Should I start using brand products, I am scared because of my sensitive skin.
    Plz help. I am fed up of trying all things with less result.

  12. Anonymous

    hey payal…
    i really liked ur video…
    i want to ask u something …
    i hav a bad skin i have untoned skin. some area of my face is darker than the rest.. i have very bad dark circles too..
    so please suggest me some products or tricks…

  13. Tanvi

    hey payal i m suffering frm acne its nt much bt i m worried about it i m also suffering with acne scars as i m just 17 i m nt able to use any kind of cosmetic can u give me some natural idea for this

  14. Mandisha

    Hi Payal!
    It’s been around 2 months that I am getting acnes more than usual. I even tried on some medicines regarding it. But that just dosen’t work. Also,I don’t even pop my pimples , but 1 or 2 of them have left marks. I don’t know why.
    Could you please let me know any home remedy or something like that ?!

  15. Deepika

    Hey payal
    I have pimple marks how to dealt with that pls suggest some good ideas.

  16. Sakshi

    I have black spots on my face !! How can i get rid of them ???

  17. Afshan

    lovely vedio!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    it would be a lot of help it you tell me something I could do about pimples . few are huge right on the forehead while the milder ones appear near my cheek bones(unhighlighted).. I want clear skin what do I do

  18. Masser khan

    Hey payal i have gone through the same condition as u suffered as oily sensitive skin advse me something asap.

  19. Deepika Chadha

    Dear PayPal,
    I have a lot o pimple marks on my skin and there are some redish marks also can u help me with this

  20. savleen

    Hi m savleen I have senstive skin nd acne open pores dark skin can u suggest me what should I use

  21. Sonal

    I am allergic to dairy products.. Whatever I eat like curd, cheese, milk, paneer I get big pimples. As u said it happens with u when u eat pizza nd all…nd very next day u have pimplea…same happens with me too.. So hw to solve it.. I love dairy.. ๐Ÿ™
    Has anything helped u to overcome this dairy allergic problem…??

  22. chandani

    hey payal..
    i hv dark circle …i want to remove this….give me suggestion

  23. savleen

    Hi payal i have dark skin open pores nd acne nd pigmtation plz suggest me wht should be use on face

  24. sree

    lovely video payal….

  25. Anonymous

    Wow nice video you are really beautiful

  26. Mamali

    Hi pagal.. Amazing video. I am suffering from a lot of pimples and my main issue is after d pimple goes it’s mark stays.. Its been 6 months n yet those marks won’t go. Please can you suggest something. Thanks.

    • YourBeautyPal

      Apply aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil to fade away your marks.

  27. anu

    I m having white spots in my face.I consultd many doctors bt there is no use..please tell me some natural remedies. One thing still now I didn’t use any cosmetics and chemical products.

    • YourBeautyPal

      The white patches that you see on the skin are a very common medical condition that arises from a variety of causes that ranges from fungal infections to deficiency of vitamins in the body. There are many different types of white patches and treatments differ from one another. However you should see a good dermatologists as soon as you can and do a proper skin check up. If not treated on time these white spots on your face could increase and lead to some serious skin problem.

  28. anu

    I m having white spots on my face.I consultd many doctors BT there is no use.please tell me some natural remedies. One thing still now I didn’t use any cosmetics and chemical products

  29. Kanika

    I have got fine lines and wrinkles near my eye area . Can u please let me know what should I do

    • YourBeautyPal

      Use sweet almond oil or coconut oil mixed with vitamin E oil capsules under your eyes prior to bed. Also apply sunscreen under your eyes every morning after washing your face.

  30. swara

    Hey payal nice video …..I’ve got dark undearms …I’ve tried many things but nothing worked …plzz suggest somthng so that I get rid of those dark underarms ….

    • YourBeautyPal

      Use turmeric mixed with lemon juice and curd. Scrub your under arms everyday in shower with this paste. Apply sunscreen post shower.

  31. Su

    Hi Payal I have dull skin…open pores what shud I do

    • YourBeautyPal

      Apply egg white mixed with raw honey and rub one ice cube a day also never use warm or hot water to wash your face, it can make your pores larger and destroy your skin tissues completely.

  32. Shreya menon

    Heyy payal!
    I keep getting these ugly pimples and acnes on my face and they just wont stop. Can u please help me out. I have tried out almost everythn

    • YourBeautyPal

      Acne is a very complicated subject and there are various types of acne. To understand the cause of your acne you must keep few things in mind:
      It can be hormonal, bad digestive system, Allergic to some kind of food (mostly dairy), poor skincare routine, or the last one which canโ€™t be treated completely is hereditary. Once you determine the cause of your acne you can use the treatment accordingly and get rid of it from the base.

      However my first suggestion is cut down on your dairy intakes and switch to organic milk. The artificial hormones present in regular dairy is a major cause of breakouts for 60% of people suffering from under the skin acne problems.

  33. Apoorva

    Hey Payal im apoorva im having a dark skin could u plz recommend sum home remedies to get fairer skin

  34. Gargi

    Hey! I am having dark circles..can you suggest something for the same! I’l b grateful to you

  35. paru

    Hey payal!!
    u r adorable
    I jus wanted to ask ..why my face looks dull and dried I hate it when I comphare it with others
    How to get rid of it dear
    I m really disappointed pls help me

  36. Kritika

    Lovely video.. I’m certainly going to try the skin regime suggested by you. Kindly send the link for the organic product you talked about.. Zoom labs or something

  37. Anmol

    Hey !! ur suggestions r pretty good.. I wanted to ask something for dry lips n to get dem pinkish tried a lots of different ways bt no results ??

  38. nishu sharma

    hey payal, i am suffering from dark circle problm and it is beacause of heredity..i have used many products even home remedies..but nothing is work out..please suggest me remedies to get rid of dark circles..and i also have a pimple problm..after pimple it leave dark spots..and does not rid off..

  39. Laboni dasgupta

    Hii payel…
    I jst wnna say im having lotsa prblms in my skin… Fed up dealing wid it… Upper portion of upper lip nd too much dark nd so is chin… Too much of blckheads on my nose . wt shud i do???

  40. Laboni dasgupta

    Im having dark circles too below my eyes… Skin is getting much dark dese days.. Plz sggst me sometng to get rid of these prblms..anothr bug prblm is gttng bald.. Wt shud i do to stop dat nd grow new hairs??even my hairs r too short.. I hav cut my hair on oct nd they aren’t growing… They r of same length asbthey wre in oct…plzz solve my prblm

  41. Ketaki

    Really helpful video.. thnku u so much..

    N i hv blck spots on skin bcz of acne.. What should i do for those spots??

  42. jyoti tekchandani

    Hey payal plzz plzz can u suggest me a home remedy to get rid of facial hairs
    I dont want to apply bleach or waxing
    I just want to get rid of these facial hairs naturally
    Plzz gve me d best remedy
    Which work faster and give good results..

  43. Preeti

    Hey payal ,your vedio is really amazing I loved it ,can you please
    Tell be the list of all products you were telling in vedio

  44. Preeti

    My skin look fine when I am home but when I step out it turns dull and blackish ,what I do ? I want a clear skin ,but it only look clear when I am home whenever I step out its all dull and black with uneven skin tone

  45. muggu

    Hey i have small pores.. on my chin..cheeks…and nose…and they are just open pores.. No blacheads.. What should i do?
    I apply moisturizer but it helps just for time being! Can you please help?

  46. Alvita

    Hey Pagal,

    Your video is amazing an I am in love with all your posts!!
    I just wanted your suggestion. I am getting small bumps all over my face from past one year(they are not black heads or white heads. They are jus small tiny tiny bumps with no openings all over my face. And if I squeeze any if them- wich I dont, its white substance coming out).I went to dermatologists, did home made remedies, did all possible treatments with best products, drank plenty of water and eat veggies fr a better digestive system, but all in vain. Plz suggest me what can I try out here. Your advice will be really very helpful.

    Thanks in advance!!

  47. Papia

    Hi Payal,
    I am getting dark swollen spots in my chin areas and cheeks.They are not painful but itchy sometimes. I am 30 and with a very sensitive skin so cannot use most products. Are this lever this spots in hand as well .This happened in last 5-6 months so few now.Showed a doctor but he said to get it removed by electro surgery.I did not go for it as it will not deal with the problem. My t zone is oily and I usually get pimples there. But am really worried about the sudden appearing dark spots in the adjoining areas and it is spreading.

  48. Pavithta

    Mera face PE black sports h o Jane ke liye kya karna

  49. Darshna

    HeY I’m darshna here
    My face gets very dark n specially my forehead,my skin doesn’t looks glossy at all plss tell me something so dat my skin looks little glossy n something evcen to reduce my dark circles.?

  50. Shreya Sharma

    hey payal !
    i have lots of black heads and acne on my face .. and its everywhere like on my cheeks , nose , forhead & chin .. can you plz suggest something more?

  51. ruhi

    hey payal
    I am suffering from whitehead acne scar and open pores I had taken so many treatment but no one is successful and taken laser sitting also 9-10 but no results what can I do now my marriage is in August tell me dear what can do pls help me


  52. mayuri

    Hey payal!!!
    I’m getting vry small small red pimples on my forehead only … Can u please suggst smthin good … I avoided oily foo frm last one month .. I tried all the home remedies bt still um getting pimples . please suggst something …

  53. Crystal Valencia Sayter

    You are literally a life saver. Thank you so much for this amazing video.
    Also, I have few small pimples on my forehead, especially around my eyebrows and on my cheeks there are dead skins that go on to lead into another pimple day by day. What do you think I should do?
    I could really use your help. Thanks.

  54. Shivani

    Hello mam i dnt hve clr skin cn u plz suggest smthng ..
    Nd tht video ws awsm nd u tOo.. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  55. Anonymous

    Heyyy payal i am ur biggest fan ever i lovee u so much u r not only beautifull but also a very very good soul u r like my elder sista … N i admire you … If u reply my comment surely u will gonna made not only my day bul also my year… Love uu payal n i often call u “chan chan “if upronounce dis in hindi ..

  56. shruti

    Hey Payal!

    I got blackness around my lips. How to get rid of that. Please suggest.


  57. vanya

    i hve a sensitiv skin n nthng suits me easily ….whn i go out my skin becme dull and it affcts my skin tone…i wnt to improve my skin tone…will u plz help me

  58. Gul

    Hey there,I’m a national level basketball player and I get tanned like real quick during my practice in the minth of june. Would you please help me figure out what I can do to prevent my face, arms and legs and arms from tanning other than using an SPF 30 sunscreen and no practicing between 10am to 4pm? Waiting for your response.

  59. Akansha

    Hey payal my acne marks are not going plezzz tell me a solution

  60. Anonymous

    Hey payal yor video is so gd.nd plz adwesh me in my oil skin plz reply..

  61. Anonymous

    Hey I have got lot many acnes n diz marx are nt goin
    Cn u pls help me out.

  62. Pravillika

    Hi,can u help me out to get fair skin tone… because iam crazy abt fair skin..

  63. Namrata

    Please could you help telling me how to grow existing eyebrow hairs darker and thicker .
    I have very thin and light eyebrwos.
    Please help thank you. โ˜บ