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Haaye Summer! uff Summer! Ahmedabad heat is excruciatingly real, especially if you’re going back and forth between meetings that are spread across the city. Honestly, I don’t even feel like dressing up and putting on so much makeup, because I get so restless with the heat. Okay enough whining about the heat and let’s talk about something that’s super cool and fits perfectly in this weather. 🙂

Last month I was approached by this super fun and quirky brand called Souled Store. Their motto is ‘Happiness is only real when shared’. So Cool. The Store is run by four friends who aim to provide independent artists with a platform to showcase and monetize their creative collection. And here on YBP we’re always happy to talk about such independent brands who bring creativity and art, in any color, shape, size, and form. 🙂


Souled Store is a breath of fresh air with its Funky Prints and really cool Quotes. I’m really excited about the stuff they sent me because it just reminds me of my college days where I would live in boy Tees and Jhola Bags! And right now this is exactly what I need, some hip comfortable clothes that makes me look cool while I focus on my work. 😀

They have many funky colorful stuff like Tees, Notepads, Mugs, Shoes, Bags, and the list goes on…I’m pretty sure this is going to be very popular amongst the college students who have that edgy style of dressing up. Also they have a Men’s collection too, so don’t be upset gentlemen we got you covered.

Check out some more pics: xx




You can get a lot more from the Souled Store collection at:


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2 Responses to SOULED STORE

  1. Anuja Shah

    O..thats so cool…reminds me of my college days too 🙂

    I really love their make your own tee, notebooks and painted vans 🙂

  2. Hetal

    Hey payal i luv all ur post you are very fit can u please share a diet nd fitness routine video to make us fit do u follow any strict diet asin gluten free,sugarfree,dairyfree pls share thnx