The Shoe Tales

written by Payal Thaker


You might have tons of Indian traditional clothes that you love, but I bet most of the Chappals/Sandals/Mojaris you have that go along with these Dresses are not comfy, and leave nasty shoe bites on your feet. I don’t know if you ever watched Ducktales when you were young, and if it instantly brought a wide smile on your face?? Okay, so not exactly Ducktales, but today we are talking about “theshoetales“, and honestly when I first met Chinar Joshi, the girl behind the brand, and when she was telling me about how comfortable these shoes feel, I didn’t buy it because come on, I’ve tried these mojaris in every flea market, they look pretty so I buy them, but when I walk around in them they hurt like a bitch!

So then one fine evening I decided to meet Chinar and try out her Juttis. I told her I would only write about them if they didn’t hurt me like how Adele’s music hurts when I listen over and over again. Sigh!

Okay ladies so here I was totally caught off guard, didn’t know what to say or think or express after I put my feet into these most Soft textured rug-like soled Juttis. Still not totally convinced by it so I start taking quick steps making sure I didn’t miss any point where it hurts or even feel like it will hurt after wearing it for 125 hours…Well I was beyond convinced now, I tried like 6 pairs of these Juttis and guess what?? Yup, they feel so amazing, it’s like wearing a Fur Rug over my feet. No kidding. These are the most comfy Indian Mojaris I have worn in my life, and I’m not afraid to say this because believe I’m a sucker for Mojaris. And any flea market I go to in India I would bring different Mojaris and torture my feet. Finally I found something that fits well, looks good and hello! feels Great.

Giving 10/10 to theshoetales and you will only know what I’m saying when you try it on. 😀

They specialize in customization of Kolhapuris and Juttis. Give them a call and tell them what’s on your mind!

Instagram: @theshoetales
To Place your order/inquiry call: +91-9978630933






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One Response to THE SHOE TALES

  1. vidya

    Love this shoes. Really look so pretty.