101 HUES

101 Hues

written by Payal Thaker


Don’t you love it when you can find good deals without burning a hole in your pocket? Of course you do silly! Before I even start let me ask you something…So let’s say you bought a designer dress for 50,000 rs, it’s extremely beautiful and original of course. Now you wore it to your cousin’s wedding or best friend’s reception, whichever grand party where you got many compliments…you took tons of pictures, posted all over your social media, and now you feel like a walking diva cos you nailed the whole look like a bad-ass fashion icon.

2 months later you have another big event coming and guess what? You need Another killer dress just like the one you wore last time, because now you can’t wear anything less beautiful than that because come on, you’re a diva and everyone looks up to your fashion sense!

What do we do? Do we buy another 50k dress? Do we compromise and wear the same dress? Do we wear something we already have because we can’t afford spending 50k every time? So what exactly do we do!???

Every year we attend at least 3-5 Weddings, Sangeets, receptions and what not, that’s our culture, that’s India! Weddings are kind of a big deal here, and with all these functions comes the extra expense of buying more clothes/shoes/jewellery. But if we actually saved all that money we might be able to travel to an unknown country and have a first class vacation.

Ladies and girls presenting to you the 101 Hues! Shaily is a dear friend, one of the rarest girls that I’ve known, she’s got beauty and brains 😀

She introduced the concept of Renting beautiful Wedding garments. Rent it and they will get it altered to fit your size. Wear it on any occasion, flaunt it, take pics, and bam! Return it back 😀
How effin cool??!
Now some of you would be like this is silly, why should I rent clothes for my brother’s wedding? But dear, your brother’s wedding has at least 4-5 different functions and maybe you want to put in some extra money to buy the best dress for the Main functions, and rent for the other not so big events. GENIUS!!!!

Her garments are A quality, take my word for it, I’m not exaggerating. Her clothes are way too pretty! You might wanna keep it and not return LOL, but please don’t do that girls.

Below are some pictures where I’m wearing all garments from 101 Hues. They have plenty more options. For more information, questions, collections:

Call or Whatsapp Shaily at: 09979455758
Check them out at: www.101hues.com
Instagram: @101hues









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  1. vidya

    I like this post. You look so pretty.