MONSOON MUST-HAVES FOR *IT GIRLS* Monsoon Must-Haves for *It Girls* written by Payal Thaker   Every weather comes with its own challenges and ‘It Girls’ in town somehow always stay graceful under any type of circumstances. They’re always so glam despite all that’s happening around them. So one fine evening I encountered some always stylish and gorgeous ladies, and asked them what hidden beauty secrets they always follow when the Rain Gods take over our Country.     So without wasting any further time, here Read More
DIY EYE GEL THAT SAVES ME The DIY Eye Gel That Saves Me: written by Payal Thaker   Honestly, Eye Cream/Gel is the ONLY Skincare product that I don’t splurge on. Weird huh? Especially being in the Beauty business, it’s so crazy that I’ve rarely talked about Eye Creams/Gels…hmmmmm     Truth: I haven’t really come across any ready-made Eye Cream that I would count on for my Wrinkles or Dark Circles. Sad but true 🙁 The Eye area is the MOST delicate area on our Read More
SKIN CARE: MY JOURNEY TO CLEAR SKIN (VIDEO) VIDEO: Skin Care – My Journey To Clear Skin by Payal Thaker   CLICK ON PHOTO TO WATCH VIDEO   Don’t Forget to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel 🙂 CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE    
5 MASKS GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR SKIN LOOK GORGEOUS! 5 Face Masks that will work Guaranteed for Every Skin Type, and will make your Skin Look Gorgeous! written by Payal Thaker     1. (Mainly) For Sensitive and Dull Skin: Rose Water: No, Not the regular Rose Water that you buy from retail shops, which does nothing for your skin… Get some Fresh Roses, maybe from your friend’s garden or a nursery, or from whatever best source you can find around you: Separate the leaves carefully from the stems, Read More
EASY DIY TRICKS FOR GLOWY BEAUTIFUL SKIN AT HOME! Easy DIY Tricks for Glowy Beautiful Skin at Home! written by Payal Thaker   Whether you’re living the busy glam lifestyle of New York or you’re somewhere in India running errands, looking after your family and establishing your career…we all need a quick fix when it comes to skincare. We’re all looking for that one product or DIY quick fix that will finally overcome all our skin problems. Today I’m gonna share with you girls some of my personal remedies Read More
MY TOP SKIN CARE EMPTIES My Top Empty Skin Care Products That I’ll Buy Again written by Payal Thaker       Hey Girls! I’m so excited to introduce this new thing on the blog where every month I’ll be posting 5 empty skincare and makeup products which I’ll be buying again, and also the ones I will never buy again! I hope through these posts I’ll be able to help you to try some of the best products out there, or avoid the ones Read More
NAVRATRI: MY SKIN CARE AND MAKEUP TIPS!! My Skin Care and Makeup Tips for NAVRATRI!! written by Payal Thaker   Usually I don’t see girls wearing much makeup in Ahmedabad. But to my surprise in Navratri, not even a single girl I see is without full face makeup and well, why not? After all, these nights are about looking pretty and bringing out our Indian beauty 🙂 Some useful tips to look flawless this Navratri:     Skin Care: 1. Get your facial, waxing, threading, and back Read More
SKINYOGA WOODEN ENGRAVED GIFT SET PRODUCT REVIEW: SkinYoga Wooden Engraved Gift Set written by Payal Thaker   I have a special soft spot in my heart for SkinYoga! They are one of the first brands who approached me while I was still new to the blogging world. They had faith in me and always encouraged me to write better. A lot of people think that most of the skincare brands are just bogus, they make fake promises for marketing purpose only. While I think a lot Read More
TEA TREE FLAWLESS BB CREAM BY THE BODY SHOP PRODUCT REVIEW: The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream written by Payal Thaker   If there’s one thing that I’m literally obsessed with in the skincare department, it’s Tea Tree Oil. And it’s not just recently that I became so obsessed with it, but it’s something that started when I was way younger and suffered from heavy acne prone skin. Tea tree oil is one of the most effective products you can use to clear your acne, redness, and control Read More
FOR BEAUTIFUL UNDER EYES For Beautiful Under Eyes / PRODUCT REVIEW: Aloe Veda Distil Sweet Almond Oil written by Payal Thaker   A couple months back I was searching for cold pressed castor oil for my brows and hair, because genetically I have very sparse hair and I know for fact that using cold pressed castor oil on your brows and hair can make a huge difference. So after going through all the good reviews I finally settled on the Aloe Veda cold pressed Distil Read More
SECRET TO CLEAN SKIN PRODUCT REVIEW: The Body Shop Facial Brush written by Payal Thaker   How do you get squeaky clean skin every night before you go to bed? When I first started posting articles, one of my first posts was about the Clarisonic. And if you’re a regular reader of Your Beauty Pal, then I don’t need to tell you how much I love my Clarisonic brush. And if you’re a new reader, you must check out my review on the Clarisonic, Click Read More
SKINYOGA COCONUT SEA SALT FOOT SCRUB PRODUCT REVIEW: SkinYoga Coconut Sea Salt Foot Scrub written by Payal Thaker   Lately I’ve been obsessed with coconut products! Although it’s not new for me in any way; I mean if you’re an Indian, then I definitely don’t need to tell you the importance of coconut oil, and how it nourishes your hair, skin and health! I’m sure our moms have already done that for us while we were all growing up.     Every time SkinYoga sends me their Read More
WARMING MINERAL MASK PRODUCT REVIEW: Warming Mineral Mask by The Body Shop written by Payal Thaker   I just happened to realize that I’ve been recommending The Body Shop products to you guys a lot, and of course they’re worth it! My sister is madly obsessed with TBS. She owns a lot of their makeup and beauty products, and so do I. But I haven’t actually reviewed any of their products on my blog yet, so I’ve decided to post reviews of all of Read More
A SUBLIME GROUND COFFEE BODY SCRUB!! PRODUCT REVIEW: SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub written by Payal Thaker   I love body scrubs, and frankly who doesn’t?? The smell, the packaging, the beautiful ingredients; all are surely hard to resist. And aah! Let’s not forget the after results.. Woah! It leaves your skin so smooth and beautiful; makes you feel so nice and clean. Last time on my blog, I reviewed the SkinYoga Almond Orange Face Scrub ( click here to read ), and ever since then I’ve literally Read More
BEAT THE SUMMER SUN! written by Payal Thaker   Get Ready With Me For This Summer! I remember a time when I was on the beach in Dubai, with some Spanish friends, and it was scorching hot outside!! I took a spot in the shade and hid myself from the sun. This pretty Spanish girl, Juliana, walks up to me and starts asking why Indians don’t like getting a beautiful tan, and why I was hesitant to join them on the beach for some Read More
DRY BODY BRUSHING! written by Payal Thaker   Ladies, you should start Dry Brushing your body today! Before I start anything let me just inform you ladies that this is a very important and serious thing which you should include in your daily routine to keep your mind, body, and heart healthy. It’s also super easy and a very inexpensive way to have beautiful healthy skin overall. 🙂 Dry Body Brushing is not a new technique. It’s a beauty and health boosting technique Read More
SKINYOGA FACE SCRUB PRODUCT REVIEW: SkinYoga Face Scrub written by Payal Thaker Hello my lovelies! Today’s post is completely dedicated to this 100% organic brand called ‘SkinYoga‘, which happens to be the baby venture of 3 very talented ladies, who have immense knowledge and background of living a chemical-free lifestyle; and this same concept they’ve applied to their new skin care product. SkinYoga was kind enough to send me a sample of their first product, SkinYoga Face Scrub, which I’m going to discuss in Read More
IS THE ‘CLARISONIC MIA’ THE BEST WAY TO CLEANSE YOUR FACE? PRODUCT REVIEW: CLARISONIC MIA 2 written by Payal Thaker So I bought my Clarisonic MIA 2 last year, because of all the hype and praise I heard about it. I wasn’t really expecting much from this device…but I was so wrong. This brush has literally changed my life! I’m not just saying that for the sake of my blog, I mean it, and I’m sure everyone out there who owns this remarkable device will tell you the same…Now what is Read More
LEAST EXPENSIVE TREATMENTS WHICH CAN DO WONDERS FOR SKIN AND HEALTH! written by Payal Thaker 1. Ice Cubes – Do you have itchy skin, irritated skin, lots of red bumps, open large pores, excessive oil, or sun-burnt skin? All these conditions can be improved by simply rubbing ice cubes on your face. You can also use your favorite fruits or veggies to make ice cubes and they work as miracle treatments for skin. 2. Brown Sugar face scrub – Face scrubs should be used once in a while for removing dead Read More
3 THINGS YOUR FACE REQUIRES AT EVERY STAGE IN LIFE! written by Payal Thaker It doesn’t matter how expensive that spa you visit every month is, how many antibiotics you take, or how many treatments and cosmetic surgeries you get…you won’t have great skin unless you give it that little maintenance it needs every day. When it comes to my facial skin care routine, I keep it simple: Cleansing Toning Moisturizing Make these simple steps a part of your everyday life, without fail, and you will have skin that you Read More